Take the Quiz "How to calculate your heart age?" - Get a chance to have a free consultation with our doctor

Today, heart disease has become a common disease and a real burden on us, with a top rate of mortality and disability. Indifference and lack of attention to heart health have resulted in patients only discovering the actual condition of their heart when it is too late, significantly reducing the effectiveness of treatment and increasing blood pressure about treatment costs. Early detection of symptoms that cause cardiovascular diseases helps us to take timely measures and improve treatment effectiveness.

Take the Quiz "How to calculate your heart age?" - Get a chance to have a free consultation with our doctor

8/28/2021 10:12:25 AM


This fun test is considered a simple initial screening step to help you determine if your heart is "older" or "younger" than your actual age.

Could you be at risk for heart disease?

Please visit the link to take the quiz.

Test results and doctor's advice based on this result will be sent to your email address. So please give us the correct email address!


- Heart age test based on your personal information and compared with your actual age.

- This test is for people aged 35-75.

- You need to fill in all the information in the test to give accurate results

Let's start counting your heart's age!

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