CarePlus Clinics combine a rich European medical heritage with Asian warmth and care. Our clinics and service concept are designed to suit your needs and a modern lifestyle!


"The clinic is equipped with best facilities. All the staffs are enthusiastic and thoughtful. Doctors are understandable. However, the number of doctors is not enough that makes the waiting time lasts longer."

Ms. Bui Nhat Tu

"I'm very relieved to have my baby examined here. The receptionists look nice and friendly."

Ms. Hoài

"The environment is clean and neat. Especially, doctors are enthusiastic, understandable and gentle. I'm very relieved to have my son examined here."

Ms. Le Thi Thuy Hang

"I have my son examined at CarePlus 4 times and I'm very pleased with the service quality here."

Ms. Hoa

"I'm satisfied with Recetionists and Nurses at CarePlus. Doctors are wonderful. The process is fast and the clinic is clean, comfortable."

Ms. Hoang Oanh

"I feel satisfied and comfortable when getting in the clinic. Thanks to the skilled and enthusiastic consultation of doctors, parents can undersatnd the children's pathology clearly. CarePlus is really an ideal option for my baby."

Ms. Thuy Dung

"Modern facilities, careful examination, detailed consultation and up-to-date method of examination."

Ms. Tran Thi Bich Ngoc

"The clinic is friendly and comfortable. Doctors are listenable and reliable."

Ms. Bui Thi Kim Oanh

"I know that CarePlus is having a special discount for women, so I decided  to have a general health screening. Everything is awesome, especially doctors examine carefully and consult in detail. Other staffs are enthusiastic!"

Ms. Thu

My baby is more than 3 years old. He often has a fever and nosebleed which makes me worried a lot. However, thanks to conscientious doctors, I feel more secure. Moreover, my baby does not have to drink too much medicine and has more spaces to play. 

Ms. Hang - Lecturer at University of Food Industry

"This is the second time I have my son examined at CarePlus. My husband and I often took our child to the hospital when he was sick. Since we knew that CarePlus is not only near my house but it also has a fast process, I'm very pleased."

Ms. Loan

"Cám ơn phòng khám, cám ơn các bác sĩ đã tư vấn rất nhiệt tình"

Khách hàng Lương Lê chia sẻ

Dì đánh giá điểm 10 cho phòng khám và điểm 10 cho bác My

Khách hàng CarePlus

Một phòng khám tổng quát rất tốt!

Từ vệ sinh đến dịch vụ, bác sĩ, điều dưỡng, tất cả đều rất ổn

Rất đáng để thăm khám các bạn à!

Khách hàng CarePlus

“This is the 2nd time I choose CarePlus. What makes me happy and secure when coming to CarePlus to vaccinate for my baby is because the doctors are very conscientious and careful. "


Miss Ngoc

"At CarePlus, the doctors take care of me devotedly like my child or my grandchildren ."

Mrs. Mai

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By Dr. Tran Thi Hoang Oanh