According to internal data, in the first quarter of 2024, CarePlus recorded high rates of dental health problems, ophthalmology problems, and dyslipidemia (48 – 84%). This is not only a health issue but also a signal for each employee to adjust their working and living habits. To preserve your health and energy for work, please seek advice from experts at CarePlus.


4/4/2024 10:49:51 AM

There’s no denying that fostering a positive company culture that values the health and well-being of its employees can go a long way toward creating a strong and successful business.  

To help businesses gain more perspective on maintaining well-being in the workplace and have appropriate care plans, CarePlus releases statics on the most common work-related issues with specific, detailed, and easy-to-understand information. 

1. Statistics on the workplace health issues in the first quarter of 2024 

According to internal data, in the first quarter of 2024, CarePlus recorded high rates of dental health problems, ophthalmology problems and dyslipidemia (48 – 84%). Specifically:  

  • Dental problems 

This is the most common disease, accounting for 84% of the employees who undergo periodic health screening at CarePlus. Gingivitis and tooth decay are the two most common problems. In addition, the rate of tooth loss and unextracted wisdom teeth is also quite high, accounting for about 15%. 

  • Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) & ophthalmology problems 

ENT and ophthalmology problems often account for more than 50% of employees with regular health screenings. Therefore, periodic eye and ENT check-ups are always encouraged to be consulted by a specialist. 

  • Health problems related to metabolism 

Up to 5 health problems related to metabolism account for a high proportion of the most common diseases, including dyslipidemia accounts for 48%, fatty liver accounts for 22%, elevated liver enzymes account for 16%, overweight and obesity (BMI>27) account for 14%, dysglycemia accounting for 10%, and hypertension accounting for 7%.  

  • Thyroid lesions 

In the first quarter of 2024, only 58% of employees performed thyroid ultrasound as part of their health screening package. In these cases, thyroid lesions account for 46% and must be monitored regularly. Of these, 6% were TI-RADS 4, and 1% were TI-RADS 5, which need a biopsy and specialist examination. 

  • Breast lesions in female employee 

83% of female staff performed breast ultrasound, of which up to 46% of cases had breast lesions. In particular, during the examination, CarePlus noted that 2% of breast lesions were classified as BI-RADS 4. Accordingly, with this classification, the lesions will likely worsen and require intervention—in-depth testing. In addition, 9% of female employees have uterine fibroids. This is a benign lesion but also requires regular monitoring with a gynecologist and ultrasound. 

2. Expert advice on proactive prevention of common work-related diseases 

To reduce the risk of common diseases at the workplace, please refer to the following suggestions from Experts at CarePlus. 

  • For dental problems: 

Clean your teeth at least twice daily and have regular dental check-ups to remove tartar, which causes tooth decay and dental diseases. It is also necessary to consider early extraction to avoid complications caused by wisdom teeth, such as tooth decay, infection, and misaligned bite. 

  • For ear, nose, and throat problems: 

This type of disease is often influenced by environmental factors such as pollution, lots of dust and smoke, and fine dust. To reduce the risk of disease, you must wear a mask when going out, avoid smoking, and clean your ears, nose, and throat daily. Besides, when you detect unusual symptoms, you should see an ENT doctor for timely diagnosis and treatment. For further prevention, flu vaccination is also an effective measure that you should consider for yourself and your family. 

  • For eye problems: 

To protect your eyes, change your sitting position correctly, ensure your workspace is well-lit, and have reasonable eye rest time to help limit increased refraction. In addition, a diet rich in vitamin A and Omega 3 or using artificial tears daily also helps reduce common eye disorders. More importantly, regular eye check-ups should be performed every 6-12 months to detect eye diseases early. 

  • For metabolism disorder problems: 

Regular check-ups and doctor visits are essential to changing living and exercise habits. The doctor will rely on your health screening results to provide treatment for each individual, using medication and advice on nutrition and exercise appropriate to body type, condition, medical history, and disorder severity. 

  • For breast and thyroid lesions 

Most of these conditions are detected through ultrasound. The frequency of monitoring will be based on the grade and the risk of deterioration. In high-risk subjects, the doctor will prescribe a mammogram (for breast lesions) or perform a biopsy (for both breast and thyroid lesions) for accurate results and appropriate treatment. 

3. Advice for managing employee's health at the workplace 

The dream working environment combines adequate facilities and good health benefits (focus on physical and mental health conditions). To help employees stay happy and healthy, businesses should offer benefits such as periodic health screenings or organizing workshops or health talks. 

3.1 Maintain employee health through CarePlus's periodic health screening program 

In modern workplaces, businesses gradually realize the importance of improving their employees' health. This is not only a social responsibility  

but also a winning strategy in maintaining and developing businesses.  

According to experts at CarePlus, organizing periodic health screenings once a year is necessary to help businesses gain an overview of their employees' health. This activity also shows the manager's concern for the staff, creating a solid bond that motivates them to stay with the company for a long time. 

Proud to be an international standard clinic chain and a member of the Singapore Medical Group, CarePlus has been accompanying employee health care with more than 1,000 corporate partners yearly. 

- More than 200 full-time doctors working at CarePlus with degrees in Specialist level 1 Doctor, Specialist level 2 Doctor, MSc, Ph.D. 

- A wide range of health screening packages, from standard to advanced, including internal medicine, odontology, otolaryngology, chest X-ray, abdominal ultrasound, electrocardiogram (ECG), and lab tests (complete blood count, blood glucose, kidney function, lipid panel, hepatitis B—C,...). We also offer gynecological examinations, breast ultrasound, and cervical cancer screening for female employees.  

- Utilizing modern equipment and laboratory to ensure the testing results.  

- Simplify the organization and management of periodic health screening thanks to the CarePlus Vietnam Mobile App and the Health Check Dashboard.  

- Time-saving and convenient transportation with 3 clinics in Ho Chi Minh City.   

- Local and global direct billing. 

3.2 Engage employees with health talks and workshops 

Taking care of physical health and improving mental health are effective ways to help build a strong bond between employees and the business and increase labor efficiency. 

To spread awareness of proactive health protection to the community, CarePlus always actively coordinates with corporate partners to organize workshops and health talks on medical knowledge and tips for preventing diseases, including common diseases in the workplace.

Topics are carefully selected to suit the industry characteristics and interests of the staff. 

  • The nutrition regimen for office workers, sports enthusiasts, or people with chronic diseases. 

  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and effective screening methods. 

  • Practical solutions to improve mental health at the workplace. 

  • Tips to prevent common musculoskeletal diseases for office workers. 

A good working environment with great health benefits could attract new candidates as well as retain existing talents. Care for your employee's health today is the golden key to future success. 

CarePlus' team of experienced experts is always ready to support businesses in designing healthcare programs and help partners stay steadfast in their development during this uncertain and challenging period. 



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