Holter ECG Packages

Regular ECG is a routine check for your heart rhythm and it is a 10 to 30 seconds snapshot ‘picture’ of your heart’s functionality in a rested state within a clinic or hospital. However some abnormalities may not occur during those 10-30 seconds of ECG screening. As such, even the most life-threatening heart rhythm conditions can be left undiagnosed. This especially can be the case for people doing sports, as some anomalies may occur mostly during straining physical activity. Holter ECG is more like a ‘video’ recording of your heart’s functionality, it captures your heart’s rhythm data over hours or days. Most important is that it does so not only in rested state as in a clinic, but can capture useful data during your day to day activities and emotional states. With much more data points during many days, a Holter ECG can detect even the minor heart rhythm abnormalities.

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20% OFF on health packages for Women

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