The CarePlus Way™

CarePlus Way TM ensures highly personalized consultations and healthcare, based on your unique medical condition & history, lifestyle and response to treatment & medication.

With our CarePlus Way TM, you can benefit from:

  • More informed medical decisions by you and your doctor.

  • More comfortable medical interventions.

  • Better and faster healing process.

  • Reduction in negative side effects of illnesses, medical interventions and prescribed medicines.

  • Reduced healthcare costs due to savings on unnecessary and ineffective diagnosis, treatment and medicines.

  • Less medical visits over the years as a result of better prevention advisory, diagnostics & treatment.

Our highly acclaimed team of doctors is ready to:

  • Welcome you in a comfortable and friendly ambience
  • Understand clearly your medical history

  • Listen attentively to your symptoms

  • Evaluate your unique circumstances and lifestyle

  • Effectuate only the strictly necessary tests & medical interventions

  • Explain clearly test results, diagnosis, and the details of any medical interventions

  • Answer all your questions and design an optimal treatment plan together with you

  • Optimize prescribed medication and minimize the use of antibiotics

  • Give lifestyle advice to prevent illnesses in the future