Reasons for fast increase in myself

The mistakes that make the eyes increase quickly you can refer to pay more attention in daily eye care.

Reasons for fast increase in myself

6/15/2022 3:21:15 PM

Wearing glasses with the wrong degree (lower or higher than myopia).
Many people think that if you wear glasses with a lower degree than the actual level, your eyes will not be increased. In fact, wearing glasses with a lower or higher level, the eyes still have to adjust more to be able to see things properly, the process of adjusting so much lasts will increase the speed faster.

In addition, wearing glasses that are not suitable for the nearsightedness of the eyes can make us have headaches, dizziness, and dizziness. As a result, health gradually declines, but it is difficult to restore the same.

Eyes not properly rested
The habit of working for many hours a day without resting our eyes can have harmful consequences that we do not even expect.

Frequent exposure to electronic devices causes many of you to suffer from visual disorders, common phenomena are eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, glare, or watery eyes and fatigue. neck shoulder.

If you often look too close or abuse electronic devices, your myopia will increase very quickly. You should apply the 20-20-20 rule so that your eyes can work - rest - exercise properly.

Do not wear sunglasses or wear sunglasses when going out in the sun
Exposure to the sun without wearing sunglasses is also a factor in increasing the number of eyes. The UV rays contained in solar radiation cause your eyes to age quickly, increase the risk of skin cancer around the eyes and other diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

Lazy eye exercise

If you are constantly exposed to electronic screens, or you do not get enough sleep, or your eyes are overworked, it is very dangerous to be lazy to exercise your eyes because your eyes are tired and weak. Go.

Just gently massage the eyes for about 3-5 minutes / day will help the eyes rest and improve vision. However, because of laziness or because they care less about health, many people have not paid attention to this issue.

These eye exercises only last for 3-5 minutes but help your eyes rest and improve focus. In the long run, your eyes can become even more discerning. But in fact, very few people appreciate the role this plays with the functioning of the eyes.

Some exercises for the eyes:

    Blink (4 minutes): For 2 minutes, blink once every 3-4 seconds. For the next 2 minutes, blink once every 30 seconds.
    Apply hands (1-3 minutes): Use both hands to apply pressure to closed eyes. The palm of the hand is placed on the eye just right, so that the eye is still blinking comfortably.
    Focus on near and far (2-3 minutes): Place one finger in front of your eyes, about 25cm away from your eyes, and focus both eyes on the fingertips. Then shift focus to another object farther away, about 3-6m away from the eye. Then move your gaze back to the tip of your finger. Switch your gaze near and far continuously.

Do not go for regular eye exams
Most people with myopia often do not consciously go for regular eye exams if their eyes do not show signs of blurred, tired, sore, teary... However, when the above symptoms appear, it is possible that the eyes are not. Your condition has turned into a more complex medical condition.
People with myopia should have their eyes checked at least every 6 months to detect fundus diseases early and prevent the risk of retinal detachment, because retinal detachment is one of the main causes of blindness in people. short-sighted.

Lack of nutrients
Ignoring the role of food in the life of your eyes is a serious mistake that makes your eyesight increasingly impaired. You must add the following food groups if you want to improve the situation:

  • Beta carotene: Is a precursor of vitamin A, plays a very important role in vision, helping to make eyes brighter. Beta carotene is abundant in yellow, orange, and dark green vegetables, tubers and fruits such as carrots, pumpkin, papaya, sweet potato.
  • Vitamin A: Is a vitamin that is especially important for myopia. Vitamin A is found in many egg yolks, milk, animal liver, vegetables such as spinach, amaranth, spinach, tomatoes, gac, papaya, carrots...
  •  Chromium: Lack of chromium, the eyeball will be protruding, the eye will increase myopia faster. Chromium is found in beef liver, egg yolk, grape juice, etc.
  •  Zinc: Zinc works to help blood circulate in the eyes easily, preventing eyes from drying, burning, fatigue, discomfort. Zinc is abundant in beef, chicken, oysters, egg yolks...


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