Is stroke a genetic disease? How to prevent?

Is stroke a genetic disease? How to prevent?

Q: Doctor, is stroke a genetic disease?

The doctor replied:

Stroke may increase genetic risk BUT NOT 100% sure if someone close to you has it, you will too. What are the risks?

The first risk increases the likelihood of having a first-degree relative with the disease. A first-degree relative is a biological parent or sibling who had a stroke young (Men under 55 years old and women under 60 years old)

The second increased risk of stroke is having a close relative with a high-risk disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia that occurs early (men under 55, women under 60). Therefore, you can also get sick early, and very quickly have a stroke.

The third increased risk of stroke is a relative with a cerebrovascular malformation. That is cases of cerebral hemorrhage due to rupture of cerebral vascular malformations. I can also increase my risk of having that deformity and increase the risk of a brain vessel rupture.

But, once again, there is a risk but not 100% certainty. Therefore, I pay more attention to better controlling my health. But that's not why I'm worried or restless.


Q: Doctor, what are the ways to prevent stroke?

The doctor replied:

American Stroke Association, the American Heart Association, and other associations in Europe and around the world. Then we can gather five main factors contributing to over 80% of strokes, including: first, blood pressure, second diet, third exercise and sports activities, third, fourth, smoking and finally, obesity, belly fat.

Therefore, if I control these 5 factors, I can reduce the risk of stroke by more than 80%. By subtracting these 5 factors, I will have a sound screening plan.

Focus on controlling, early treatment of hypertension to prevent the disease well.
Practice a healthy diet. Avoid harmful foods that increase blood fat and raise blood sugar.
Have a healthy exercise plan
Losing weight, and maintaining an ideal weight, will also reduce the risk of stroke.
And finally, smokers must quit smoking immediately; this is the fastest way and excellent risk reduction. Especially for those who have been smoking for a long time, the sooner they stop, the better.



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