Get 10% off when paying with Business Mastercard

To offer high-quality outpatient healthcare and affordable services, CarePlus Clinic and Mastercard collaborate to create a special offer for Business Mastercard cardholders.

Get 10% off when paying with Business Mastercard

10/24/2023 9:27:35 AM


How to redeem: 

  • Login Mastercard website and visit the promotion post 

  • Click on "Claim Offer" and validate your Business Mastercard to receive the coupon code 

  • Click on "Redeem" to visit the CarePlus app 

  • Apply the coupon code on the payment page to claim the discount 


Merchant Terms & Conditions of CarePlus: 

  • This offer is valid from 15/9/2023 to 15/9/2024 and applies only to customers who pay with Business Mastercard. 

  • This offer cannot be clubbed with other promotions. 

  • Each customer can apply the code multiple times. 


Merchant Terms & Conditions of Mastercard:  

  • This Offer applies to all clients from the date of commencement of the offer and will not apply retroactively. 

  • Offer is only valid through above mentioned brand specific pages.   

  • The individual brand voucher specific terms & conditions will apply separately as per each brand’s T&Cs. Mastercard has no authority over these T&Cs and they are applicable to customers on an as is basis. 

  • The services offered under this promotion are provided solely by CarePlus Vietnam, under such terms and conditions as determined by CarePlus Vietnam, and Mastercard accepts no liability whatsoever in connection with such services. 


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