Will it hurt at the first pelvic exam?

The first gynecological examination makes young girls very worried because there are many bewildering stories around. Gynecological examination is harrowing. I will see a male doctor. So is the gynecological examination worth it? Fear as rumored? Refer to the article below to equip yourself with knowledge and prepare for your first gynecological examination through the advice of a doctor Pham Thi Ngoc Tuyet, Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology of CarePlus International Clinic.

Will it hurt at the first pelvic exam?


🩺 IS THE FIRST Gynecological Exam Painful?

Pain depends on the subjectivity of each person. If you keep the body completely relaxed, the pelvic muscles will be soft, convenient for the doctor's speculum examination.

During the examination, the doctor will help you feel less stressed by talking and explaining. The speculum will be placed gently with the appropriate size depending on the width and size of each person's cervix. When placing, the doctor will orient the path in the vagina so that the patient does not feel discomfort.

The white blood test to check for inflammation is painless.

Cervical cancer screening tests, including pap'smear and/or HPV only make you feel a little sore, a little numb and have no health effects. Performing these tests can cause some cervical bleeding, but it doesn't spread, so it's unnecessary to wear tampons afterward. Note that you should abstain from sex for 2-3 days after the test to allow the bleeding site to heal.

Transducer ultrasound during the gynecological examination to check the uterus and ovaries for tumors or not. This is a painless technique if the gluteal muscles are relaxed.

Choosing a doctor for the first gynecological examination is now very easy, not as passive as visiting a hospital.


Using a speculum for gynecological examination is necessary for all sexually active cases. Because it will not be possible to see the cervix without the use of the instrument. For women who have never had sex, there is no need to use a speculum because the risk of cervical cancer is sporadic. You also do not need to do a transducer ultrasound. Most doctors only do an abdominal ultrasound, which is challenging to do a rectal ultrasound.

So, girls who have never had sex but have a lot of white discharge or itching, need to perform a gynecological examination quickly. Instead of using a speculum, the doctor only examines the outer vulva area and smears a little white blood to check.


Most of the cases are planned except for cases where you have to go to the doctor right away because of a medical condition such as severe itching, prolonged menorrhagia, abdominal pain, etc. Here are some tips to help you get the best and most accurate results:

  • It is recommended to go to the doctor when the period is apparent, at least 3-4 days. Usually, women make the mistake of not seeing the blood seeping into the tampon anymore. But inside the vagina, close to the cervix, there is still a little dark blood. Your doctor will not be able to perform a speculum exam except for an ultrasound.
  • Limit gynecological examination at the time of ovulation signs - the period of leucorrhoea stretching into fibers. When there is too much white blood inside, it is not convenient to get pap-smear. At this stage, if there is an ultrasound examination, it will result in an ovarian cyst or a corpus luteum, causing the concern if not explained adequately.
  • Gynecological examination should not be done 3 days before the next menstrual period because the assessment of infection will be less accurate and pap smear often causes more bleeding. In some cases, light brown discharge appears before menstruation so that a fresh white blood examination will contain many impurities and red blood cells. Sometimes even a tiny amount of blood can make it difficult to read pap'smear results.
  • Before having a gynecological examination, do not have sex for at least 2 days.
  • Some women have a habit of douching before the examination. This is not recommended because this will remove all harmful and beneficial bacteria, making the examination and testing inaccurate.
  • If you are using vaginal suppositories for treatment, you should return for a follow-up visit at least 3 nights after stopping the medication.
  • For the examination to take place quickly and smoothly, you should wear a ready-made dress and avoid wearing fancy shoes that are difficult to take off.



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