New ! Package of Postnatal Care of Mother

Comprehensive care for Mothers at under 5 months postpartum

New ! Package of Postnatal Care of Mother

5/13/2020 1:40:03 PM

Due to physiological changes, maternal body changes during pregnancy, labor, and birth.

Women are more likely to experience postpartum problems such as hair loss, hyperpigmentation, memory loss, mood swings, periodontitis (due to poor oral hygiene which is related to abstinence custom), blurred vision, and osteoarthritis pain, etc.

The Package of Postnatal Care of Mother is born to help mothers understand more clearly about abnormal changes in their bodies after giving birth. Mothers will also be checked intensively and built a personalized treatment planning to feel more comfortable and know-how to take care of themselves properly to recover quickly as in the pre-pregnancy period.

Package of Postnatal of Mother at CarePlus is including:


  • Check your cervix and gynecologic infections
  • Check the healing of your perineal stitches (Normal birth)
  • Check the healing of your surgical wounds in the uterus and abdominal wall (Cesarean Birth)
  • Advice on common postpartum problems such as vaginal dryness, urination, postpartum depression, etc. 
  • Instructions on how to care your breast when you're breastfeeding
  • Contraception advice


  • Check the uterus, the recovery of the uterus and the detection of ovarian tumors


  • Caring for your dental problems due to the effects of pregnancy and the postpartum period

Price Only 675,000đ

Especially, FREE 1-time consultation of Skin & Hair Care with Dermatologist (worth 475,000d) when booking the package.
Mothers will be checked postpartum problems related to hair and skin and advised on how to prevent keloids after a cesarean to recover quickly as in the pre-pregnancy period.

Contact Free Hotline 18006116 or message us to book the package and get the offer as soon as possible.

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