How we don't sleep the teeth?

Did you know that food particles that accumulate for a long time on the surface of the teeth will form hard lime plaques, leading to diseases such as bleeding gums, bad breath, swollen gums, loose roots, tooth loss...

How we don't sleep the teeth?

5/10/2022 1:23:45 PM

Scaling is a method to help clean hard plaque off the surface of the gums, bringing many benefits to the teeth. However, the abuse of tartar many times can cause tooth damage. Therefore, you should only scrape tartar periodically every 3-6 months. In addition, depending on oral health, the degree of tartar formation more or less, the doctor will specify the time to take tartar.

Which prestigious and modern dental address should you choose when you want to get tartar?
CarePlus is an international clinic system with 100% foreign investment, specializing in providing high quality outpatient health care services at the most affordable prices. When using the teeth whitening service packages at CarePlus, you will surely have the most comprehensive experience, a confident and radiant smile by:

  •     A team of professional, experienced doctors, trained according to international standards.
  •     Comfortable and convenient clinic.
  •     Thorough examination, detailed advice, clear, gentle treatment.
  •     Using modern equipment, best tools and medicines, ensuring aseptic hygiene.
  •     Reasonable prices, direct insurance payment system and convenient payment methods.

When you need to get tartar, whiten your teeth, learn about oral care, please contact Hotline: 1800 6116 for advice and guidance from CarePlus's team of doctors.

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