How many calories are in food on Tet Holiday?

Tet is a series of delicious eating days with many delicious dishes that only come once a year, such as chung cake, spring rolls, spring rolls… Happy Tet, but don't forget to control your weight by finding out the calories in daily foods. Happy New Year & increase vitamin and fiber supplements, eat slowly, chew well, practice the habit of defecating once a day and don't forget to maintain daily exercise to 'healthy liver - healthy pancreas - happy intestines - repelling' diseases.

How many calories are in food on Tet Holiday?

1/27/2022 8:42:50 AM

1) Chung cake, Tet cake
For a banh chung with a weight of 750 grams (excluding dong leaves and lattes), it will contain about 2,472 kcal. Banh chung divided into 8 equal pieces, each piece will be 309 kcal (56.7 grams of carbohydrates, 11.8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fat).

As for banh tet - a dish on Tet holiday of the South. For meat-filled banh tet with a weight of 100 grams, it will contain about 440 kcal (56.7 grams of carbohydrates, 11.8 grams of protein and 4 grams of fat). And banana tet cake is less calorie will only have about 300 calories in 100 grams only!

2) Braised meat with eggs
In order to have a delicious pot of braised meat with eggs, the meat must definitely fit the pork belly and duck eggs, the pork belly must have a lot of fat to be delicious. The calories in the egg stew are 600 calories. So to release these calories you have to spend 1 hour swimming continuously.

3) Fried spring rolls
Spring rolls / fried spring rolls, must be a favorite dish of many people. With the appeal of the form, taste, and crunchy sound of spring rolls/fried spring rolls, just eating 5 fried spring rolls is enough for 750 calories and you have to do 70 squats to "release" these calories.

4) Spring rolls / spring rolls / fried spring rolls
Spring rolls, stir-fried spring rolls, flower spring rolls, Hue spring rolls, beef rolls… also become favorite dishes on Tet holiday, which are spring rolls. Every 100g of these spring rolls is equivalent to 600 calories loaded into the body.

5) Frozen meat
Frozen meat is a familiar dish in the rice tray of the North. With ingredients containing a lot of protein and fat such as pork legs, ears, and skin of pigs. Frozen meat contains a lot of protein and fat, so it is easy to gain weight if you eat many Tet days, in a short time.

6) Sausage, beef jerky
In 100g of sausages, there are 604 calories, with protein and fat content, especially saturated fatty acids, which are easy to cause fat and diabetes for users. This is a favorite dish of many people, also implicitly contributes to weight gain during Tet.

7)Chicken vermicelli
A bowl of chicken vermicelli with irresistible aroma will put 623 calories in your body. These calories will cost you 90 minutes of aerobic exercise to release.

8) Bamboo shoots with pork feet soup
Did you know that a small bowl of bamboo shoots and pork leg soup has 1000 calories in it? So, try to curb your cravings with these delicious dishes. If you don't want 30-minute burpees to be able to "burn" all the calories.

9) Beer
One glass of beer contains 150 calories. So, before drinking, you should remember this information and multiply the amount of beer you drank during Tet.

10) Carbonated water
A 300ml can of water contains 200 calories. In addition, additives such as colorants, preservatives, sugar ... will have bad effects on the body if used too much, notably diabetes and obesity.
Tet is a series of delicious food days with many delicious dishes that only come once a year, such as banh chung, spring rolls, spring rolls...

CarePlus hopes that with this article, you can go through a round of Tet dishes that mostly contain a lot of calories and if you eat uncontrollably, you will definitely gain weight after Tet.

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