Constipation in children

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Constipation in children

Constipation is very common in children because of the weak digestive system. It is easy to recognize, but if parents do not understand the cause and have proper care, it can lead to permanent that cause difficulties in treatment, greatly affect the child's quality of life.

The intensive consultation and constipation treatment package for children help early detection and treatment to limit persistent constipation which disturbs the colon function, affects health, and causes anorexia, stunting, growth retardation, malnutrition, etc.

Constipation in children health check package includes:

  • The pediatrician examines the causes and factors of constipation, monitor the baby's bowel habits by the checklist.

  • Evaluation of nutrition as well as physical development

  • Provide medicine treatment, guiding parents to make a bowel diary and how to take care of children with constipation

  • Counseling on practicing the babysitting on the potty or toilet

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