Common signs of bone loss

Bone loss is the weight of the teeth and the process of insidious transformation. How to know if the patient has bone loss or not? Here are the 6 most common and recognizable signs of bone and teeth standards

Common signs of bone loss

Osteoporosis or bone resorption is a condition in which the alveolar bone or the bone surrounding the tooth root becomes infected. From there, this bone will slowly decrease in density, number, volume and height. This process takes place silently and often by the time it is discovered, the condition has become worse.

2 main causes of bone loss

There are many causes of bone loss, according to experts, they can be classified into 2 main groups of causes:

1. Bone loss due to tooth loss without early tooth planting

The bone tissue around the teeth is maintained stable by continuously subjected to chewing forces transmitted through the teeth to the bone. If a tooth is lost without a denture root being replanted in a timely manner, the bone in the area of ​​tooth loss will not have chewing force. Gradually they will dissipate, the longer the time, the greater the level of consumption.

There are many causes of tooth loss such as tooth decay, tooth decay, accidental trauma, ...

2. Tooth bone loss is not caused by tooth loss


Periodontitis alone will not cause bone loss, but if it is not stopped early, the infection will progress to more severe periodontitis. At this time, the bacteria will attack the bone tissue around the tooth root, causing bone loss, gum recession and tooth mobility.

Severe periodontitis can severely damage the bone and soft tissues around the teeth. If it is in a severe stage, it is likely that the teeth will become loose and fall out of the gums. Fortunately, this condition is completely preventable and treatable.

Bite joint trauma

This is a phenomenon where the teeth are overloaded, causing trauma to the bone tissue around the teeth. The cause is malocclusion patterns existing on the jaw arch, or due to excessive orthodontic force on patients with braces.

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