Bad Habits That Destroy Your Teeth

Teeth not only have the function of chewing and speaking, but also play an aesthetic role on the face. However, there are everyday habits that can cause damage that can lead to tooth decay and tooth loss, including: Damage to tooth tissue such as tooth decay, tooth wear, chipping/cracking; damage to the supporting tissues of the teeth (gingival, periodontal ligament and alveolar bone around the teeth) such as gingivitis, periodontitis, etc.

Bad Habits That Destroy Your Teeth

6/23/2022 11:54:21 AM

  1. Improper brushing:

We've all been taught the importance of thorough brushing, but brushing too hard or incorrectly can actually cause a lot of problems, especially as you age. Too much pressure, or brushing with a toothbrush with stiff bristles, can irritate teeth and gums, leading to inflammation as well as increased tooth sensitivity. Switch to a soft-bristled toothbrush that is gentler on your teeth.

      2. Snacking and abusing foods high in sugar:

Snacking throughout the day is a major cause of tooth decay, especially if the foods you choose are sugary or highly acidic. Plaque bacteria use sugar to form acids that then attach to and attack the protective enamel on the surface of your teeth.

Many sugary foods are also sticky, which means they stay on teeth longer and can leave residue. Similarly, when you snack on highly acidic foods, such as lemons and citrus fruits, you may find them irritating any sores in your mouth and they are more likely to eat too. wear down your enamel, leaving your teeth without a protective coating.

To maintain a healthy mouth, make sure to drink plenty of water after consuming sugary or acidic foods with plenty of water to help rinse your mouth and neutralize the acids.

     3. Improper use of toothpicks to remove food from between teeth:

Many Vietnamese people have the habit of using toothpicks to get food from between their teeth and often use it more incorrectly than in the right way. The shape of the toothpick is inherently not suitable for cleaning the interdental area, prolonged use damages the gum area in the interdental space, the gums no longer fill the gap in the neck area, creating a gaping area on the neck side. teeth, leading to more food, gingivitis and the root surface is the most sensitive area of ​​the tooth, if it is stimulated for a long time by force when using a toothpick, it will cause pain like tooth decay. Instead of using a bamboo toothpick, you should floss to remove food from between the teeth, prevent bacteria from forming and help protect the shape of the gums, avoiding excessive irritation to the root surface.

      4. Teeth grinding
Many people have teeth grinding when sleeping or even awake, when angry, anxious or highly concentrated... This is one of the extremely harmful habits for teeth, too strong grinding force can cause chipping. cracked, worn teeth. Bruxism can be intervened by wearing a chewing tray to protect the teeth under the impact of teeth grinding or injecting the bite muscle boltox for patients who cannot wear a chewing tray.

     5. Chewing ice:
Chewing ice is a hobby for many people, especially in the hot summer. But according to experts, this habit affects the enamel that protects the teeth. On the other hand, the bite force and hardness of the stone can also cause chipping and cracking of the teeth, creating conditions for bacteria to penetrate and go deep into the tooth pulp.

    6. Bite hard objects:
The habit of using teeth for teeth to do things other than chewing food such as opening bottles, tearing packages, grabbing clothes racks... can cause chipped, cracked and even broken teeth. The fix is ​​to get rid of these tooth-damaging habits immediately.

   7. Do not take tartar:
Tartar is the calcification of plaque around the teeth from the calcium component in saliva and gum fluid, tartar cannot be removed by brushing or rinsing. Tartar is also the culprit that causes gingivitis and prolonged inflammation will lead to periodontal disease, inflammation of the bone surrounding the teeth, bone loss, tooth mobility and then tooth loss. Therefore, to prevent bad effects from tartar, you should go to reputable dental facilities to scrape tartar at least once a year.

Above are the bad habits for teeth that dentists recommend to help you get rid of to protect better oral health. In case of other dental problems, you can visit with the expert team of CarePlus International Clinic today.

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