Tet is an occasion when families organize many parties, and travel will increase the risk of some diseases due to changes in living and eating schedules, leading to conditions such as digestive disorders, respiratory infections, etc. steaming, and food poisoning. Especially when the Lunar New Year comes early, the weather turns colder than usual, so children and the elderly need to be more concerned about their health to ensure their families celebrate Tet.


1/9/2023 3:16:05 PM


We empathize with your anxiety of many families when medical facilities are often overloaded during the Tet holidays. Therefore, we offer the service "Remote Consultation with an Online Expert" through the CarePlus application to ensure that all families' medical examination and treatment needs and health checks during Tet are fulfilled. Thanks to the fantastic features that the app brings to you:

1. Book an appointment for a Remote Consultation, and connect with a doctor directly via video call: 

With just a few simple steps of registering information, you can easily book an appointment for a remote consultation with an expert via your mobile device without traveling to the clinic.

2. Order a convenient health checkup package with many incentives:

Choose flexibly and order many different Health Checkup Packages according to your needs with super bargains, quickly taking care of the best health for your family.

3. View health records, medical records, and prescriptions stored online, and easily track disease status:

For customers who have experienced the service at CarePlus before, all medical record information and medications will be automatically stored on the application.

For customers who experience the Remote Consultation service, electronic medical records and prescriptions will be updated in just 15 minutes, making it easy for you to monitor your medical condition throughout.

4. Vaccine appointment reminder feature:

The vaccination calendar messaging function makes it easier and most convenient for customers to remember future vaccination appointments and follow vaccination milestones for their child and family.

5. Support home delivery of drugs through Long Chau pharmacy:

Receive prescriptions and choose home delivery services through Long Chau pharmacy. In addition, CarePlus has a lot of special promotions to this season waiting for you to discover:


  • Discount 50% off for booking Telemedicine Service: 

- Consultant Fee only 150.000VNĐ within 15 minutes (excluding connection time)

- Operating from 8:00 am - 17:00 pm (during the Tet holiday)

  • Discount 20% off for ordering Health Checkup Packages

​- Offer valid until 28/2/2023 when customers use Health Checkup Packages

  • Enter code "ILOVECAREPLUS" (Valid from 9/1 - 28/2/2023)


  • Vaccination packages, work permit health check packages, and family planning packages are not applicable.
  • Only applicable when customers use code "ILOVECAREPLUS" when ordering telemedicine services and packages on CarePlus VietNam app.

CarePlus's Customer Care team will contact you to advise and apply incentives at checkout. For any questions related to the program, please get in touch with the Free Hotline at 1800 6116, fanpage: CarePlus Clinic Vietnam, or email:

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